About us


AFRIS was created to institutionalize a mechanism for effective inter-institutional exchange and collaboration for innovation and scaling.

AFRIS takes advantage of an extension mechanism, the so called "operational rural network for innovation and youth employment on a large scale". It was developed by AfricaRice in direct collaboration with a large number of community based and national organizations. AfricaRice capitalized on 15 years of experience and solutions that were developed in the course of a large number of projects seeking to give farmers a voice.

The development of the mechanism was funded by BMZ in the framework of the special initiative "ONE WORLD - No Hunger" and contributes to the Green Innovation Center for the Agri-Food Sector (ProCIVA) in Benin, implemented by GIZ.

The community based and national partners are the founding members of AFRIS.

The team

Donatien Vieyra President / Président

E donatien.vieyra@afris.org

Richard Pliya Executive director / Directeur exécutif

E richard.pliya@afris.org

Bastatou Lai da Gloria Secretariat / Secrétariat

E basta.dagloria@afris.org
T +229 95 79 79 20

Natacha Agbo Knowledge Management / Gestion des Connaissances


E natacha.agbo@afris.org
T + 229 66 07 69 66 / 62 79 26 18

Jonas Hinvi Project and partnerships / Projet et partenariats

E jonas.hinvi@afris.org
T +229 67 24 60 13 / 64 12 64 10

Frejus Gnanvossou Management of services / Gestion des services

E frejus.gnanvossou@afris.org
T +229 96 24 29 47 / 94 29 02 02

Sylvestre Denahin Administration and finance / Administration et finance

E sylvestre.denahin@afris.org
T +229 67 79 91 03